Sunday, 1 April 2012

Just call me Mrs T.....

T for Titchmarsh that is.  It turns out that I do have green fingers after all!  These pretty blooms are the very first I have ever planted and to say I'm chuffed is an understatement...I'm blooming delighted (geddit?!).

Anyhooo, here's piccies of my pretties...hope you like...

I love these deep colours

  Lovely two-tone pansies and my primroses have soooo many buds still yet to bloom
I was late planting them (November) so maybe that's why

Rich velvet coloured pansies and I just couldn't wait until my Grape Hyacinths are fully open to photograph them. You see, I thought I'd planted them upside down!

Now I know this is just a run of the mill Narcissi (I think LOL) but it has more beauty when you've plant it yourself.  Now I know what my mom has been enthusing about all these years!  Just look at those colours and the beautiful ruffling detail.

So simple yet so beautiful. Nature is so fascinating.

Hope you enjoyed my photos,

Keep popping in,


  1. WOW! You should be very proud of yourself...way to go you!! Clearly you are green fingered and it's easy to get hooked. That Daff' is no way run of the mill...quite stunning in fact!!
    So I have competition now in the gardening field....hands of Mr T...I saw him
    Keep it up my friend xxxx

  2. Gorgeous photos - well done you!! xx

  3. Hi Ellie, thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations on growing your first flowers. I still remember the first plants I grew, just one or two at first, and then there was no stopping me. My one regret was that I didn't take more photos. I always thought that plants would put on a good display every year, but then I discovered that flower displays are governed by the weather. So always take plenty of photos.

    1. Thank you all for such kind encouraging comments. I'm thinking of doing a page of my gardening photos on this blog to keep them separate from my cards. It will let me see my progress too, if I make any......!


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