Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's deceiving.....

I got my deckchairs out (yes 2 just for me - 1 for my botty and 1 for my tootsies) and fetched my magazine, shades and a cuppa.  Sat down.  Got comfy, as you do.  Then ooooohhhh blow me - the WIND got up! Wind! (Not mine)  I ask you - just how did that wind find me in my little sheltered spot?

There's nothing else for it but to withdraw the troops - well the dog followed me to be honest, and c.r.a.f.t  yaaaaayyyy.  Back soon with the fruits of my labours.

While I'm on here I'll search for that gawjuss bikini from that big dept store in the mall I saw yesterday, they had sold out of my size bottoms  - I know, a bikini at my age, but it had bottoms WITH A FRILL all the way round so no-one will notice my Bridget Jones' size  bottoms, no-one, not even me.  If I repeat that enough times I will believe it.

Keep popping in,

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