Monday, 9 April 2012

Just want her to know.....

I'm thinking of her.  An extremely dear lady who is like a second mom to me has terminal cancer and I'm unable to visit her for reasons I won't go into on here.  Myself, along with her friends, are keeping in touch with the family and I just want her to know I'm thinking of her so I used this sweet image to make her a card.....
This pretty little bird is from A Day For Daisies  
I really like this as it's so versatile (excuse how I've coloured it as I may have designed a new variety of bird here!)
In a previous post here I used some very pretty ribbon from Lidl and said
I would be using it again in future - well here it is in blue and green. 
So pretty isn't it?

This high quality embossed card feels just like fabric.  It's from my local craft supplier.

Although this card's nothing like I'd imagined it would look, I'm pleased with the end result.

* * * * *

Got a lovely free pad of Raspberry Road papers with Quick Cards magazine for this weekend so I'm colouring these Kenny K images again in colours to match the new papers.  I'll post them as and when they're done.

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