I want to help promote The Crafters' Barn website (owned by my friend Claire).
I'd like it to be a success for her and 
you crafters need to know that this fabulous site is available to you!
Claire has a fabulous ethos and generosity which deserves good karma!
I hope those of you who take the time to read this page will visit her site -
I'm sure you'll be very glad that you did.

Here's a little outline about it. 
More detailed info is available on my sidebar link, and at the bottom of this page.

How did The Crafters' Barn start?
The Crafters' Barn is a 'labour of love' belonging to Claire Young, an avid knitter. Claire passionately, and determinedly, had the desire to offer a retail site for craft sellers at a minimum price, where UK handmade crafts and gifts would be for sale and buyers could browse and purchase a wide range of the very best in artisan crafts.  The Crafters' Barn was started in October 2011 by Noo's Knits (Claire's shop).
What attracts sellers?
The apostrophe in the name declares that this website brings together a unique collection of individual sellers, each creating their own little shop within the Barn, to form a crafting community of their own. 
Claire understands how much time and effort goes into any handmade item and believes you should keep all of your profits (how refreshing and generous is that nowadays?!). 

What attracts buyers?
Customers do not have to register to make a purchase.  The website is categorised by craft to keep it's identity as a craft selling website, or if they are purchasing within a budget, customers can search within different price ranges.....a very useful tool in these economical times. However, if looking for a specific item, a search bar is available.  A wide range of prices cater for all.

Who can join and what is the listing charge?
If you hand-craft items in the UK and wish to sell your products, you can join at a charge of £2.30 per month (which comes out at £2 to Claire after paypal fees) for unlimited listings. There are no further charges and the first 24 hours are free.

What makes the site unique?
As far as is known:-

  • this is one of the only commission-free UK craft selling websites available. 
  • no obligation to list every month. If there's a month where you don't list - you don't pay!
  • no minimum contract.
  • sellers offering Workshops and Courses in the UK are also welcome

The Crafters' Barn website will tell you more about:-


  1. The Crafters' Barn promotions activities
  2. Your own urls
  3. Facebook and Twitter integration
  4. The use of your own logo
  5. and more ............................Click here to visit The Crafters' Barn
NB  The Crafters' Barn will have the most up to date information.

Hope you have found this useful.

Ellie Maggie x