Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all! 
May you eat yourselves silly with choccies galore, sweeties and everything calorific that is perfectly allowed by law today.

Once I've climbed over the mountain of choccie eggs in our house (not all mine, of course) I can munch my way through the bag of fudge bought for me, oh I love the bloomin' stuff.  I think the family clubbed together to buy this as a large hint that I should stop trying to make my own fudge.

You see my efforts to make some over the past few weeks have been a complete and utter disaster. The reason why seems to have come to light today when showing mom the recipe, because I just happened to mention that instead of using granulated sugar I didn't want to waste the bag of soft brown sugar sitting in my cupboard, so I used that instead oops!  When I'd made it I did my happy jig around the kitchen as you do because it had actually 'set', it cut beautifully, BUT on biting it it instantly disintegrated straight back into grains of sugar!  Yuk, soooo wrong.  It did taste good though.

My other attempt didn't even set, but was delicious soft, gooey caramel that with much sadness I HAD TO throw away because I just could not face us eating the whole 8"sq tin full of sweet nectar and weighing 4 stone heavier as a result. DH was mortified it had been discarded on his return from work, I felt really mean. On the plus side, at least he had looked forward to it, so it can't have been all that bad!  He said not to worry because one of these days I'll get the recipe right - too kind!

So I am reduced to eating shop bought fudge for the time being. 
 I will not be beaten by this recipe......I hope.

Is there anything you've tried to make and not given up on it until it turned out right?

Look out for my A Day for Daisies card tomorrow.

Enjoy your yummy goodies and a Happy Easter to you,

Keep popping in,