Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Picture this scenario...

(Background info) 
I ring the vets yesterday, explain doggy sick & diar diarro got the runs and very lethargic I know how to spell that one.  An appointment is booked.  We drive to vets.

Picture this:-
Doggy realises he's arrived at the lovely "playtime" building where he meets new four-legged friends.  Pulls on lead soooo hard that he crashes nose-first into glass front door.
Note to self: "Add headache to list of symptoms".  No time for him to stop at reception desk - he has to see his new 'pals', so drags me to waiting area whilst I shout "YES!" over my shoulder to confirm our arrival to reception.  Other pet owners hear sounds of mad dog approaching, followed by ooohs and aaahs as they see it's a greyhound and I hear the usual "Ooooh I've always wanted one of those".

He makes friends with a beautiful Staffie and a gorgeous golden labrador (I want one of those) whilst I'm trying to keep him at bay due to his germs, then the nose starts to twitch (his not mine)....and he makes a beeline for a black box safely hiding a cat - I guide him away from said box.  "Whats wrong with him?" asks nice owner, "Well.....he WAS lethargic" says I,  "Oh yes, I can definitely tell!" says she smiling.

All animals disappear one by one into vets' rooms and he starts to cry because there's not a room for him.  He's not stupid - he knows they're getting yummy treats in there and he's stuck out here with none.  Yay!! Lovely vet calls his name!  He paces while we chat, all the time trying to alert vet to the precise location of the box of treats, but alas she moves them further away from him.  He cries.  She then gives him two jabs of antibiotics and anti-sickness meds saying they will sting and oh my word did he cry....!!!!!  Poor thing. To add insult to injury she had also stuck a thermometer up the other end and he had a temperature. 

He's sent home with large tablets and an oversized syringe of paste  no points for guessing where I thought I had to put that and is told he has "garbage gastroenteritis" a real vet term.  Yes, it made us smile, but even though I looked closely I saw no hint of a smile on doggy's face.

Update (if you're still with me!):-
After he crashed out once home, he got me up between 3.05am and 4.50am to go outside (needs must and all that).  Today he's listless, but is happy to follow vets orders of eating little and often - so far so good.  Do you think he'll notice the tablet and paste in his (small) evening meal?  I won't be taking bets on that.

Back to crafting soon,

Keep popping in,
Ellie Maggie x

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  1. Ah yes,, the old Garbage Gut syndrome........ Luckily Spot is a good girl with bins etc, but she does find all sorts of gross things whilst out for walks - and drinking out of old puddles Ewwwwwww. Boiled rice for you little one then eh?


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