Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I can't wait until morning - I have to share my news straightaway! 

I am proud to announce that I am part of a co-operative of sellers on The Crafters' Barn!!!!!!!  I can highly recommend it for gorgeous one-off gifts or even a place to sell crafting goodies of your own. 

Perhaps you would be kind enough to like the site on your Facebook page (if you don't mind) to help spread the word as it is an up and coming community - and an extremely friendly and helpful one at that.

My speech (were I to be asked to make one) would simply be *ahem* "My thanks go to Auntie Noo for her invaluable advice, help, instructions and unending patience with me and my unending questions.  You are the back-bone to The Crafters' Barn and we wouldn't be there without you." 

Hope you'll take a peek (or two, or three...)

Photos to follow after I've been to my bed.

Goodnight,  Ellie Maggie x

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  1. Yay, we're thrilled to have you at Http:// So glad you got it all working ok. You do realise that nights of 00:24 will be commonplace now don't you! ;) Facebook/crafting/pinterest/blogging/selling...... it never stops! LOL Good luck with it and I really hope it's successful for you x


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