Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Having a nightmare...!

Hello!  I've been MIA as they say in Blogland, but it's not for the want of trying!  My pc has bit the dust and the one I've managed to borrow doesn't like connecting to my mobile - that's where the photos of my card creations live.....argh!!

So I am, as we speak - or as I type - desperately trying to download a set of new drivers which I hope will allow me to introduce this pc to my mobile and more importantly, that they will get along with each other.  Do I sound as though I know what I'm doing? Good, because I haven't a clue. 

I have some new cards to show you and it's so frustrating that you're unable to see them, but I hope to be showing them soon.  In the meantime, just talk amongst yourselves/make a cuppa - better make it a large one!
                                                                    Ellie Maggie x