Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New Page - The Crafters' Barn

Hello everyone, Yes it's been over a month since I last posted and I won't drone on about why I've been absent.  Suffice to say I'm back  (enough with the groaning) and have added a new page to the top of my blog which I truly hope you will kindly take the time to read.  Please??!!!  (Can you tell I'm grovelling here?)

Goodness me  -  I'm back, I won't tell you where I've been, and then I have the outright cheek to demand something of you!  All done in a split second and not even a greetings card to show you either - what a bl**dy nerve eh?!

Anyway, it's my doze time (yeah, right!) and while I attempt to cat nap with the dog - hhhmm that sounds a bit skewwiff -  I shall leave you to learn all about the contents of my new page called Details About The Crafters' Barn.  Look, yes I am fully aware that you could just click onto the picture in my sidebar - I'm not daft - well, just don't ask the family for a second opinion on that please, but I've taken days, hours, a quick flash to type it up - please just humour me, ok?

Crafty hugs,
Ellie Maggie x

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