Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's deceiving.....

I got my deckchairs out (yes 2 just for me - 1 for my botty and 1 for my tootsies) and fetched my magazine, shades and a cuppa.  Sat down.  Got comfy, as you do.  Then ooooohhhh blow me - the WIND got up! Wind! (Not mine)  I ask you - just how did that wind find me in my little sheltered spot?

There's nothing else for it but to withdraw the troops - well the dog followed me to be honest, and c.r.a.f.t  yaaaaayyyy.  Back soon with the fruits of my labours.

While I'm on here I'll search for that gawjuss bikini from that big dept store in the mall I saw yesterday, they had sold out of my size bottoms  - I know, a bikini at my age, but it had bottoms WITH A FRILL all the way round so no-one will notice my Bridget Jones' size  bottoms, no-one, not even me.  If I repeat that enough times I will believe it.

Keep popping in,

Sunday, 18 March 2012

What's in the jar?

Hello and a very Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms!  Hope you are given a lovely day to remember.

I've been absent without a note during the last few weeks - but real life has needed me more and will do for a couple of weeks.  I apologise for slacking with my blog, but these unexpected things cannot be ignored - how dare they interfere with crafting!!! 

I'm pleased I found an extra hour in the day - did you find it too? (we wish!) - to make a pressie for Mothers Day and am pleased that it turned out how I pictured it in my mind!  Do you find, like me, that that doesn't always happen?

Please excuse the fact that I photographed this late in the evening on the kitchen worktop - not a good place!  I had to rush the photos before the present was  wrapped and whisked away for delivery!

Yes, it's an altered coffee jar.  Flowers on lid from WOC . 
Hmmm, they don't look very central in this photo, ooops, too late now!

The gold satin ribbon and bow is from my stash, as is the paisley chipboard.
The heart and script paper is from the Old Fashioned Girl set by Pink Petticoat

This beautiful sentiment is from the Lovely Mum Sentiments set by Pink Petticoat
 and the gorgeous ribbon is from Lidl. 
Ribbon comes with organza, silk thread, wooden painted butterfly and pearls on one spool.
I printed the sentiment onto pearlescent card from Crafters Companion.

Here's the completed jar. 
I don't like the fact that part of the green lid shows, 
I think fabric would have covered it much better - but I don't have any fabric to use!!!

The fancy ribbon from Lidl is so beautiful, 3 metres for £1.99. 
Their patterned wired ribbon was 5 metres for 99p, great for gift wrapping.
I could have bought all the stock up, but sadly I hadn't won the Lottery.

So, what's in the jar?
Okay, for those of you still with me, firstly Well Done! 
Secondly I made chocolate covered peppermint creams - individually wrapped I'll have you know! 
It was my first attempt and although they didn't look that pretty (hence no photo - I'm not daft) they tasted delish.
I used Lorraine Pascale's recipe from the tv show Home Cooking Made Easy, simples.